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​Customer-Centric Sustainable Well-being Technologies

Leveraging innovation to protect the stakeholders and the planet.

Let SW Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

Creating a Thriving Business Partnership for Sustainable Prosperity



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The SW family's journey began with two individuals whose lives were initially overshadowed by despair, the loss of loved ones, and the scars of war. However, their union gave rise to three children and the profound realization of love's enduring strength. With each passing day, this love grew stronger, ultimately becoming a beacon of hope. Several years after the passing of her husband, Mary Wei Kao took a momentous step, founding Shen Wei USA Inc. in 1984. The company's name, derived from their shared middle names, embodies the values of prosperity and benevolence, reflecting the business's overarching mission to nurture and spread kindness.


We take immense pride in our remarkable team, with over 25% of our dedicated staff comprising innovative R&D professionals. As leaders in hand protection technologies, we are delighted to unveil the transformation of Shen Wei USA Inc. into SW Technologies, Inc. This new name underscores our ongoing dedication to pioneering cutting-edge technologies that enhance the sustainable well-being of our cherished customers, protect our environment, support our community, and empower our dedicated employees.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


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Sustainable Technology™

Learn About EcoTek:

SW nitrile gloves with EcoTek Sustainable Technology can help you meet your sustainability goals. Try SW gloves and help achieve a Sustainable World. Product has been tested per ASTM D5526*

*EcoTek gloves tested to ASTM D5526-12 Standard Test Method for Determining Anaerobic Biodegradation of Plastic Materials Under Accelerated Landfill Conditions.  Results are 92.6% biodegradation in 60% solids landfill at 945 days. Future results cannot be predicted/extrapolated.  If you need more information on the test reports, send email to

Scrubbing Tiles
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