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40 Years of Experience

SW Technologies Inc. was founded in 1984 by the respected Chairwoman Madam Kao and is located in Union City, California, USA. Chairwoman Kao has always been based on Confucianism, emphasizes mutual respect among the team, seeks truth from facts, and is neither humble nor arrogant, nor greedy for merit. So far, SW Technologies Inc. has been established for 40 years. The current CEO Ms. Belle Chou, adhering to the spirit of her mother, is dedicated to "revitalizing the Chinese nation's industry" as her mission, leading a solidly united and daring team, integrating R&D, Production and Sales, and it has developed into a major manufacturer of high-quality rubber products, mainly including disposable latex, nitrile exam gloves, household gloves, labor protection gloves, PE gloves and other products. The current President and CEO is Belle Chou.

25% Staff Are in R&D

Our R&D headquarters are located in Sri Lanka and we have a branch in China. Our research and development personnel have rich industry experience and sufficient theoretical basis. At present, research and development personnel account for 25% of the total staff.

White Belt
Green Belt
Black Belt

99% Staff Are Six-Sigma Certified

Six Sigma is the tool SW uses to improve production service processes and ensure quality. Six Sigma certification helps SW employees become experts in process improvement to provide customers with high-quality products and services.

At present, 99% of staff have obtained 6 Sigma certification. Of these, 49 are white belt, 17 are green Belt and 33 are black belt.


0 Backorder

Prior communication: Before the start of the order, we will fully communicate with the customer to ensure that the delivery requirements and details of the order are correctly understood. Ensure that both parties have a clear understanding of the requirements of the order.

Professional: We have a professional team, we have a wealth of industry experience and expertise, can provide you with the best quality, the most professional service, and provide the most professional advice and solutions.

Service: We always put the needs of customers first and provide a full range of service support. Whether it is in order processing or after-sales service, we will do our best to meet your expectations and needs.

Quick response to address your needs: We provide a quick response mechanism to ensure that your order is processed and resolved the first time. This means you don't have to wait, saving you more time and effort.

Inventory management: We have good inventory management capabilities, including accurate tracking of inventory levels, timely replenishment of inventory, and ensuring inventory availability.

Emergency response: Although we are very strict with orders, sometimes force majeure and unexpected circumstances may cause delays. However, we have the ability to respond to urgent issues and ensure that the impact of orders is minimized and customers' needs are met as best as possible.


8 Technologies

EnerGel: Hydrates and rejuvenates hands for all-day comfort. New patented additive clinically proven to improve hand health.

pH Natural: Actively maintains skin pH at natural levels to reduce skin issues. Proprietary coating helps keep pH levels at 5.5, reducing microbial growth.

Dry Core: Naturally pulls sweat away from the skin for healthier hands. Moisture-wicking system makes for a dry, comfortable environment.

DriTek: Naturally pulls sweat away from the skin for healthier hands. Moisture-wicking system makes for a dry, comfortable environment.

EcoTek: Sustainable nitrile technology without performance loss.

TracTek: Proprietary matrixed pattern that provides dramatic control. Designed for maximum surface-to-surface contact, providing enhanced grip in all conditions.

Breach Alert: Dual color, 2-ply construction technology provides immediate visual breach detection. Two distinct polymer layers add durability and dramatically improve safety.

AxiFybr: Proprietary molecularly-engineered yarn that dramatically enhances cut resistance. Provides the highest level cut protection with high glove comfort and dexterity.

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